The Issues

Changes to the St. John Parish Sheriff's office


As Sheriff of St. John Parish, I will implement the following programs: ….

Mandatory CPR Certification, Random drug testing , Physical Fitness, Cultural and Sensitivity training , Citizen Review Board , Returning to the Neighborhood, and Text messaging alerts just to name a few.

Mandatory CPR Certification:

When I took office in 2012, each and every officer underwent Basic CPR certification.  Each new member of the department gets certified upon hire. All first responders should be able to administer basic first aid and CPR should they be the first to arrive on the scene of a citizen in need of medical assistance.

Random drug testing:

Each officer that applies for employment in my administration is drug tested upon approval of his/her application or following any accident on duty. Random drug testing will be implemented as budget constraints allow. This job calls for officers who are of sound mind and body at all times. The use of illegal drugs or prescription drugs that inhibit your ability to do your job safely or cloud an officers’ judgment of any situation, will be highly discouraged by random testing throughout the department.

Physical Fitness:

Recently, SJSO has hosted several health fairs for members of the department to monitor health risks such as high blood pressure or cholesterol. SJSO reimburses officers’ for a portion of health club memberships in order to promote physical fitness. A physically fit officer benefits the community.  It helps to reduce on the job injuries during arrests and possibly reduce insurance costs to the department and employees.

Cultural and Sensitivity training:

This specific type of training has been limited by budget constraints, but continues to be part of my goal for the future of this department. I feel that all officers should undergo periodic training on the ever changing diversity of victims and perpetrators alike. Officers would benefit from training that will help them to adapt and properly handle any situation without offending any citizen regardless of race, gender, age, culture, religion or sexual orientation.

Citizen Review Board:

Each year, I have randomly selected a group of citizens to review officer commendations. These commendations have been recorded and are utilized in rewarding a deputy’s actions on and off duty.  This board is convened annually in order to vote anonymously for   the ST. John Sheriff’s Office “Officer of the Year”. They have been recognized at the Annual Officer of the Year Award Ceremony.

Returning to the Neighborhood:

During my campaign, the G.O.A.T program (Get Out and Talk) was touted as a method that officers could use to build bonds with citizens.  It did not take long for me to realize that not everyone, despite their strengths as an officer, is capable of striking up a conversation with a stranger/citizen.  And, not all citizens, law abiding or not, want to converse with officers.  In spite of this revelation, SJSO has more citizens calling to report problems, and giving us the information that we need to solve crimes in the community.  So, whether it is via anonymous tips or inbox on Face Book, our citizens are engaged and it shows in our ability to solve crimes and get criminals off the street.  Thank you St. John!!

Text messaging alert:

My department has developed an app for all smart phones that allows any citizen to get daily information on current events, daily arrests, and crime patterns throughout the parish. This will allow the citizens to take precautions to protect themselves in the case of a crime spree in their area of the parish. Timely notification of crimes will lead to timely tips called in to help solve cases. Citizens are notified of parish wide emergencies through the Parish All Call system.